The Arbiter SWCC Maritime Combat Knife MCK

The Arbiter "He who settles a dispute or has ultimate authority in a matter"

This is a PRE-ORDER for the fall, 2023. Expect production could take up to two months. Keep in mind that each knife is not only handmade, it's handmade by me alone.

Once I get going, I can build them pretty consistently, but I'm super detailed oriented and my own worst critic. So I don't rush the process. I've never sold a blade I wasn't 100% happy with and these blades will be no different.

If anything, as a former Boatguy, these wicked little fuckers hold a special place in my heart and I want to get them right every time. Whether you incorporate it onto your kit or hang it up on your wall in your mancave, I want my blade to become one of your most valued procession, an heirloom.

I've done my research and I can honestly say that The Arbiter MCK is the first and only fixed blade combat knife made exclusively for the SWCC operator and the Boat Teams.

Family. Country. Brotherhood. FCB