Care Instructions

Care instructions

Freebooter Blades are cutting tools made of high carbon steel and are not stainless. It's normal for the Gunkote, satin and polished finishes to wear with use, taking on an antique, "patina" appearance.

Your custom Kydex sheath comes to you newly formed and requires some break-in. Kydex "scuffs" on the blade are normal and will go away with use. Simply wipe the scuffs off with acetone. 

Clean and oil after each use. Sharpen with natural or diamond stones, then strop with a leather belt or hard cardboard. Power sharpening is not recommended.

Bottom line...

Keep your knife clean and oiled

Keep your knife sharp. A sharp knife is a safer knife

Always clean your knife before putting it back in the sheath

Don't store your knife in a leather or Kydex sheath for long periods of time